The best height for your TV stand

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In a glance :

The maximum height for a TV cabinet, for a 65″ TV hanging on the wall, is 25″.
If you put the TV on the furniture, the ideal height of the cabinet is 23″.
Read the article to calculate the best viewing height for your TV.

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The factors that determine the height of your TV-stand:

1. In what room will you be watching TV?
2. Which is the ideal viewing height for you and your family?
3. How tall is your TV?
4. Do you want to hang the TV on the wall or place it on the cabinet?
5. Do you want to place a center speaker (or sound bar) under your TV?

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Where will you watch TV?

If you hang the TV in an office, a classroom, a waiting room or a reception area and the like, you probably don’t need a TV cabinet.

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Which is the best viewing height?

The ideal viewing height is the height at which the center of the TV corresponds to the eye height of the viewer.
This means that the ideal viewing height is different for people of different heights.
Or different when one person sits on a chair and another person sits in a seat, and so on.
Their eye height is different.
So if you’re not the only viewer, you’ll have to make a compromise.

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How to determine the best viewing height?

The easiest way to determine the viewing height is to use a large piece of cardboard.
Draw a line across it from left to right.
Sit down in the same way as you prefer to watch TV.
Ask someone to hold the cardboard where your TV will be.
When you can look relaxed, straight ahead at the line on the cardboard, make a note on the wall.
Don’t look up because you’ll be in that position for hours while watching TV.
It may be more comfortable if you look down a touch.
Where you made the note on the wall is the ideal viewing height for you.
That’s where the center of your TV should be.

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The average ideal viewing height

If you don’t like that exercise with the piece of cardboard, take 42″ as the ideal viewing height.
But, that’s a general average : if you’re smaller or taller than average, that won’t be the ideal height.
Also in a home theater with special cinema seats, etc., it’ll be different.
Yet, we’ll use the average of 42″ as the ideal viewing height in the examples.

perfect viewing height 42 inch

How high is your TV?

The height of your TV depends on the height of the screen and the height of the frame, around the screen.
You can measure the total height, look it up in the manual, or calculate it.
You can also calculate the screen height, by multiplying the screen size by 0.49.
The total height will vary depending on the size of the screen and the height of the frame, bottom and top.
Example :
Let’s take a 65″ TV.
For the height of the frame, we take 2″ in total (bottom + top).
Multiply the screen size by 0.49, i.e., 65″ x 0.49 = 31.85″.
Add the 2″ for the frame : 31.85″ + 2″ = 33.85″.
We round up the result : 34″.
Use your own data to calculate the height for your TV.

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TV on the wall or on the cabinet?

You can read my article {TV on the wall or on the cabinet?}.
That article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of those two options.
But, no matter where you put your TV, on the furniture or on the wall : the ideal viewing height remains the same.
As for the TV cabinet, there is a difference.
If you put the TV on the cabinet, then the cabinet determines your viewing height.
If you hang your TV on the wall, the cabinet no longer decides the viewing height and can be lower.

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A sound bar or a central speaker under your TV?

If you want to place a center speaker or a sound bar on the TV cabinet, but under your TV, then you also need to consider the height of that center speaker or sound bar.
A sound bar is usually only 4″ high.
This is of course one of the main reasons why the sound from a sound bar can never be as good as speakers.
Good woofers need space. The space between the TV and the sound bar should be at least 5″.
If you add the two together (soundbar 4″ + free space 5″, let’s round it up to 10″) then your TV cabinet would have to be another 10″ lower to fit a sound bar on top of it.

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How high should your TV-cabinet actually be?

We’ll clarify this with an example.
You need to change the numbers to those of your ideal viewing height and your TV set.
We make the calculation for an ideal viewing height of 42″, and a 65″ TV, hanging on the wall.
The height of this TV, as calculated above, is 34″.
To get the center of the TV at 42″ from the floor height, the bottom of the TV must be 42″ – (34″/2) = 25″ from the floor.
That means that the maximum height of your TV cabinet should be 25″.
If you also want to put a sound bar on top of it, then it becomes 15″.
That’s much lower than most people expect.

Perfect Viewing Height Measurements

How low can your TV-cabinet be?

There is no minimum height for your TV cabinet, if you hang your TV on the wall.
But keep the speakers in mind. Most speakers are not suitable for wall hanging.
On this we assume that you put the speakers on the furniture.
If you place your TV on the cabinet, then you also need to consider the height of the supports on which the TV rests.
Let’s assume that the distance between the TV and the cabinet is 2″.
The ideal height for a TV cabinet for a 65″ TV, in case you put the TV on the cabinet, is 25″ – 2″ = 23″.

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Why your TV-stand should be very wide

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The width of your TV

The most important factor to decide the width of your TV-stand is of course the width of your TV.
How wide is your TV? A 65″ TV isn’t 65″ wide
The 65″ is the length of the diagonal of your TV-screen, not the width of your TV.
To know the width of your TV, you should measure it or look in the manual.
Or you can calculate it, based on TV’s screen size.
Multiply the screen size mentioned by the seller, by 0.8716, and you know the width of the screen.
Add 1 inch for the frame, and you have the actual width of the television set.
Example for a 65″ screen : screen width = 65″ × 0.8716 = 57.654″.
Adding 1 inch for the frame results in 58.654″, give or take 59″.

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The loudspeakers

Then, if you want to have a decent sound, you’ll have to add at least 2 loudspeakers.
To get a good sound from those speakers, it’s better not to hang them on the wall.
Most speakers need some distance between themselves and the wall for better sound.
We prefer to put these speakers (or the front speakers) on the cabinet.
It’s more aesthetic, safer, and easier than mounting them on extra loudspeaker stands.
Most bookshelf speakers are about 7″ or wider, and you should put them at least 5″ from your TV.
If you leave another 3″ open on the other side of the speaker, this would result in 15″ on either side, or 30″ in total.
This means that a TV cabinet for a 65″ TV should be at least 59″ + 30″ = 89″ wide. Let’s keep it simple and use 90.
That’s the absolute minimum.
If you buy a larger TV in the future, e.g., a 75″ TV, or perhaps bigger loudspeakers, even your 90″ TV stand will be too small.
To be on the safe side, we use 100″ as a minimum width for a TV stand.

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Why extra wide TV-stands ?

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Our requirements

We think extra wide TV-cabinets should meet the following criteria :

– 100 inches wide, at least
– 30 inches high, at most
– made to stand on the floor
– there is space in the furniture for at least one AV set

On the website, you can read why we use these standards.
All TV-stands that are being discussed here will meet these criteria.
You can also find other information related to TV viewing.

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